Large Chest Restoration

Before and after shots of a large chest of drawers fully restored by ourselves for clients in Beeston, Nottinghamshire.

The drawers were missing sections of beading and one of the glass knobs needed re-fixing.
Various areas of veneer needed attention and the drawers all needed re-running and fitting.
The Barley twist pilasters were both loose and needed re-fixing.

The piece was sun damaged and the decision was made to completely hand strip it and re-finish it to bring it back to its rich mahogany colour.

It lives on an upper floor so had to be carried upstairs by Rob and myself, which is all part of the service of course.

Three Seater Leather Settee

Here are some pics of an interesting job we did recently, the conversion of a three seater leather settee into a smaller two seater.

We like a challenge so when a client approached us to ask if we could shrink his three seater leather Chesterfield down to a two seater due to him moving to a smaller place we were happy to take the job on, despite never having done such a job before.

First off was cutting an access panel in the back to see what we were up against construction wise, and then it was a case of carefully peeling everything to one side before cutting a section of frame out and then re-joining it as required in a strong and safe manner.

Finally the filling and leather were re-upholstered onto the frame, with care taken to ensure the button holes were even.

A quick rub down of the timber legs and a re-spray of them and it was job done.

Simon Cross

Mahogany Dining Chair

The photos show a heavily damaged mahogany dining chair which had shattered when it was sat on. Modern central heating systems often dry out the old type animal glue which was used on older furniture; this causes the joints to weaken over time with the piece eventually falling apart as was the case with this chair.

We carefully cleaned and made good all the joints, we fitted new mahogany into the top of one of the legs and made and fitted a new back rail and then pieced the chair together again.

Finally the new parts were stained and French Polished to match. In this case the client did not wish to have the entire chair stripped and polished as it would have then stood out from the other three of the set, so instead we lightly rubbed it down with very fine steel wool and waxed it

The chair was then delivered to the client who was highly delighted with it.

If you have any questions or queries about a repair or restoration job please contact us and we will be very happy to help.

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